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    Are Hoochie Daddy Shorts Still Popular in 2023?

    Are Hoochie Daddy Shorts Still Popular in 2023?

    Are men still rocking hoochie daddy shorts this summer? That’s the question, but your first question might be…exactly what are hoochie daddy shorts and who started this trend?

    Simply defined they are short shorts worn by straight men that are considerably shorter and tighter than what we’ve typically known straight men to wear. Who started the phenomenon is unknown but it’s definitely a thing and a trend with over 27K hashtag posts on Instagram to date, along with #hootchiedaddyseason trending at over 5k. Last summer this trend was hard to miss on social media, and we're curious if this is just a trend or are short shorts for men here to stay.

    We’ve seen several influencers on IG rocking these shorts showing off their good thighs such as @itsnicklavelle1 and @saburroughs87. The designers at PS Swim typically design mid length shorts as they tend to look good on all body types. But with hoochie daddy season among us we want to know, should we bring hoochie daddy shorts to the Co. and are you rocking them this summer? We want to hear from you!



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